Isolated Type DC-DC converters

Isolated Type DC-DC converters

Isolated Type DC-DC converters 

Our isolated type DC-DC converters are ultra small, low noise, high isolation and have a wide range of operating temperatures.
Our Isolated Type DC‐DC converter BR‐LB Series, applying TCT circuit, achieves low noise of 3mVpp and is employed in ATS (Automatic Train Stop) devices.

 Low output ripple noise DC‐DC converters are required for analog circuits of measuring equipment, analyzers, diagnostic imaging equipment and the like.
 We have BL series isolated type DC‐DC converters available for these applications. The BL series have satisfied both low ripple noise and high efficiency output by adopting a resonant circuit.

 Bellnix’s isolated DC / DC converters are covered with a metal case, some of which cover all six sides to further reduce electromagnetic radiation.

 There is also a product lineup that focuses on low ripple noise while being an isolated DC / DC converter.
 There are BR-LB with only 3mVpp and single digit BLA / BLC series.
 Low ripple noise is required for analog circuits, but by using the above series, it is possible to delete the external LDO.

 The input voltage covers from 3V to 76V. The input voltage range is a wide input from 2: 1 to 4: 1.
 The minimum board mounting area is 0.4 inch2, and the maximum power density is 30 W / inch2.


  • Ultra low ripple noise : 3mVp‐p
  • Isolation voltage : ~DC1500V
  • Wide range of input voltage : 3V~76V
  • Input voltage – 4:1 wide input range
  • Reducing LDO loss
  • Small mounting space : 0.4 inch2
  • High power density : ~30 W/inch2
  • Metallic shield case : 5 or 6 sided shield

Isolated Type DC-DC converter Series